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A veteran of the National Gendarmerie, Gilles Touré is the longest-serving GIGN operative. Fiercely protective of his teammates, this gentle giant would not hesitate to throw himself in front of a bullet if it meant protecting his fellow operators from harm.


Emmanuelle Pichon is an expert technologist with a penchant for using gadgetry to aid her squad. She enters operations with a small drone capable of delivering disabling electric shocks to hostile forces and their traps.


Gustave Kateb is cut from a rare cloth: a genuine altruist, a true believer in making the world a safer place for his fellow man. A volunteer for Doctors Without Borders and medical officer for the Brigade des Forces Speciales Terre, he is a proficient field medic who carries a Stim Pistol allowing him to revive downed teammates from a distance.


Julien Nizan is the deliverer of the GIGN's famous trust exercise for new recruits: taking a bullet fired by one of your colleagues with only a small armor plate to protect you. He carries these same armor plates into combat, dropping them for his allies to reinforce their defenses.


Thermite is a prominent demolitions expert recruited from the ranks of the FBI SWAT. He carries a thermite breach charge capable of burning through the most resilient barriers.


A third generation law enforcement officer, Castle brings an expertise in defense and reinforcement to Rainbow squad, ever ready to deploy his signature reinforced barricades.


Upon joining the FBI SWAT, Ash brought her knowledge of demolitions with her in producing a weapon-mounted breach charge capable of blowing open a door or wall at a distance.


A former intern for the FBI biometrics program, Pulse's ability to read people makes him a natural negotiator. He was the first to use the Heartbeat Sensor prototype in the field.


Sledge is typically found at the front lines of siege operations, ready to create a path for his teammates with one swing of his signature breaching hammer.


Mute is a signals intelligence specialist. He uses a tool which allows him to jam all communications in a set area, preventing all remote detonations and usage of drones.


Smoke is a fearless thrill seeker in battle and can be a great asset for defensive maneuvers with his detonatable chemical gas charge that deals damage to anyone in the smoke.


Thatcher knows the danger in over-reliance on technology. He uses an EMP grenade that disables all electronics in its blast radius to level the playing field.



Tactical Combat
Attack or Defend
Rules of the Siege


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Thank you for participating in the Closed Beta

Over the last couple of weeks, Rainbow Six fans from across the globe participated in the biggest testing period of our game yet.

10/07/201512:00 PM

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A veteran of GSG9 anti-piracy ops in the Indian Ocean, Marius Streicher has seen action as a helicopter operator and technology advisor. He can secure areas against airborne explosives using his active defense system or "Magpie", capable of neutralizing any projectiles on approach.

10/12/201509:03 AM

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A former undercover agent within the Hannover Hells Angels, Brunsmeier is known for taking obsolete items and repurposing them into weapons. He has cobbled together a device that can electrify barbed wires and barricades, and injure or destroy anything that comes into contact with it.

10/12/201509:02 AM

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Known for his tendency to use humor to diffuse stressful situations, Elias Kötz carries a similarly unorthodox device into operations: a riot shield equipped with bright flash charges capable of stunning hostiles while offering substantial protection.

10/12/201509:01 AM

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